Re: Consensus gathering for the Dezippering issue

Chris Lowis writes:

>  3) Define it in terms of one of the other methods (probably
> exponentialRampToValueAtTime) to simplify the spec and also to
> indicate to developers how to achieve parameter changes without
> dezippering by using those methods directly.

If the initial value is zero, then IIUC
exponentialRampToValueAtTime() would be a step function at the
endTime (even though the spec doesn't permit 0 or negative

If the final value is zero, then it would be a step function at
the initial time?

We'd need a different function for values that could be negative.

There is also the problem that there isn't a way to specify the
duration of an effect starting ASAP using the current AudioParam
methods.  The best way I found to do that was to start another
AudioBufferSourceNode with the shape of the curve and connect it
to the AudioParam. [1]


Received on Tuesday, 3 December 2013 21:35:07 UTC