Re: Questioning the current direction of the Web Audio API

On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 11:14 AM, Marcus Geelnard <> wrote:

> Yes, you can do pretty evil things with several Web technologies today.
> GLSL is one example (I can make the complete UI crash on my Android phone,
> and I can make a desktop environment completely unresponsive).

With the state of GPU hardware and drivers today, our only choices are
"don't do 3D on the Web at all" or "accept these potential crashes". This
is not a good situation, and it's not one we want to emulate, and it is not
comparable to what we face with audio.

Workers is another example (setting up a dozen of busy workers can silently
> drain the battery of a device). I don't see a big difference in doing a
> heavy convolution in a native audio node or a heavy for-loop in a script
> processor node - both have similar implications, and similar solutions
> (validation, watchdog timers or similar).

One potential difference is that browsers already do significant work to
make sure that a busy script can't make the browser unresponsive to the
point the user can't close the offending page. We'll need to ensure that's
still true if that script is running on a high-priority audio thread.

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