Re: [web-audio-api] Browser support tests

Hi Amitay,

Fantastic work! Thanks for sharing.

We'd be delighted for some more help in testing the web audio API.
There's some basic instructions and the repo here:

There's also a few tests of the GainNode to show the testing style.
Perhaps you could have a quick poke through the repo first before we
chat more, but the basic procedure is

0) Ask on this list first in case anyone else is working on something
[optional, but could save wasted effort]
1) Fork the repo and add your tests in a feature branch
2) Send a pull request
3) Someone from the WG (currently me) will review your PR

There's a large existing body of tests in the webkit/blink repo and
the mozilla repo that we would like to port over, so incorporating
some of those with your tests would be a great place to start - I can
help you with that once you've taken a look.

Also - it would be great to synthesise the test results into a simple
"can I use this"-type report, similar to what you have done, so
perhaps we can work on that too in the future.


On 18 October 2013 18:18, Amitay Dobo <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've created a small test suite to test and collect test results for Web
> Audio API support in browsers:
> The code is available at
> It is intended to test the existence and structure of the API (currently a
> subset of it). I've tried to make it in a way that will allow to declare a
> larger portion of the API.
> Would be happy to hear some feedback. I'd also like to hear if it is
> something that should be integrated in the Web Platform tests. If so, any
> suggestions as to what and how are be welcomed.
> Cheers,
> Amitay Dobo

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