[minutes] Audio WG teleconference - 2013-10-17

Dear all,

The minutes of our teleconference on 17th October 2013 are online:

Many thanks to Chris Lowis for scribing.

Topics addressed:

* Spec status. We just published a WD of the web audio API, and Paul is currently refactoring the spec document to use (again) re-spec.

* Example sections and warehouse photos
The group agreed to remove those from the spec as they are not (any more) relevant. No urgent need to salvage any of it into another document.

* TAG feedback processing
Chrislo posted all the TAG feedback as issues in github. We will certainly have a TAG-centric teleconference soon to go through them. Olivier to get in touch with TAG members.

* Unprefixing and best practices / documentation
Some group members felt that there are a couple of issues we still need to resolve before releasing un-prefixed support for AudioContext. We also discussed how we could gather (and contribute to) a list of best practices with the web audio API, beyond the few examples very often used (scheduled sounds, oscillators)

* Review of recent webmidi changes
Cwilso walked us through recent changes to the spec - adding a map of inputs and outputs (which one can still iterate on). The spec now also has an example of how to integrate with webaudio.

* Next meeting
No meeting on the 31st of October. We aim for the 7th of November instead.


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