[web-audio-api] Explaining ("De-sugaring") the `*Node` Types (#255)

The following issue was raised by the W3C TAG as part of their [review of the Web Audio API](https://github.com/w3ctag/spec-reviews/blob/master/2013/07/WebAudio.md)

### Explaining ("De-sugaring") the `*Node` Types

On the back of a repaired `ScriptProcessorNode` definition, the spec should contain tight descriptions of the built-in library of the `AudioNode` subclasses; preferably in the form of script which could be executed in a `ScriptProcessorNode`.

*Obviously* we do not recommend that implementations lean on this sort of self-hosting for production systems. It is, however, clear that without such a detailed description of the expected algorithms, compatibility between implementations cannot be guaranteed, nor can conformance with the spec be meaningfully measured. This de-sugaring-as-spec-exercise would be helpful for the testing of the system and for users who will at a later time want to know _exactly_ what the system is expected to be doing for them.

We imagine an appendix of the current spec that includes such de-sugarings and test suites built on them.

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