Re: Web MIDI spec updates

Duh, of course, I can just fork the repo and merge branches.  Disregard
previous comments.  Clearly my caffeine stream has too much blood in it.

I've pushed a draft of the fix to issue #2 - inputs/outputs refactoring -
among other things, to  Please
review this draft.  I expect we will be shortly discussing using this as
the basis for another public Working Draft of Web MIDI.

On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 10:50 AM, Chris Wilson <> wrote:

> Hey, I just committed to my editing branch -
> - changes that,
> among other things, include the full hooks for Promises and a revision of
> the inputs and outputs to a MapClass-like system.  I can't figure out a
> good way to host this semi-officially; as it is an editor's draft, I'd like
> to simply push it to the main gh-pages branch.  Any objections (Jussi, I'm
> specifically looking for your approval, of course)?  Otherwise, please
> review the draft in the Github repo (you can pull it out and load it from a
> local file, even).  I'd like this to be in the source for the next public
> WD.
> -Chris

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