Re: start/stop method for OscillatorNode

2013-10-10 01:03, Karl Tomlinson skrev:
> Raymond Toy writes:
>> The idl for the start and stop methods for the OscillatorNode both take a
>> required when argument. But the description of the methods says they are
>> the same as AudioBufferSourceNode.  But the AudioBufferSourceNode does not
>> require a when argument.
> I don't know why |when| is optional for AudioBufferSourceNode but
> required for OscillatorNode.
> For OscillatorNode, I read the AudioBufferSourceNode descriptions
> of start() and stop() as if |when| is provided, but the other
> parameters are not.

I definitely think that the |when| argument should be optional for both 
AudioBufferSourceNode and OscillatorNode. I've failed a few times on 
this when doing playback with the AudioBufferSourceNode, and WebKit 
required me to pass in zero, which was just annoying felt unnecessary.


Marcus Geelnard
Technical Lead, Mobile Infrastructure
Opera Software

Received on Thursday, 10 October 2013 07:26:16 UTC