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Re: [web-audio-api] Behavior of multiple connections to same node needs to be explicitly defined (#143)

From: Olivier Thereaux <notifications@github.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 07:29:55 -0700
To: WebAudio/web-audio-api <web-audio-api@noreply.github.com>
Message-ID: <WebAudio/web-audio-api/issues/143/24244510@github.com>
> [Original comment](https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=17795#7) by Robert O'Callahan (Mozilla) on W3C Bugzilla. Mon, 30 Jul 2012 21:42:03 GMT

(In reply to [comment #7](#issuecomment-24244506))
> Think about this in the real world - what does it mean if I plug my guitar into
> my guitar amp with a cable - then plug it in *again* to the exact same amp
> input with another different cable!

Presumably it's just like plugging in another guitar which happens to be producing the same output as the first one.

> I'm quite certain developers won't be
> confused by this, because I think it's an anomaly and doing nothing will be
> exactly what they expect.

The real world doesn't have code modularity and first-class node objects that can be passed around and shared through arbitrary control and data flow. I suspect in the real world you don't shout "here's the output of my guitar, do what you want with it" and throw a lead over to someone on the other side of a crowded room you haven't ever met (who then shares it with several of her friends).

We're not building guitars and amps, we're building software APIs. These APIs will be used by thousands of people who have never plugged a guitar into an amp. They will not limit themselves to using Web Audio to simulate "real world" artifacts.

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