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Re: [web-midi-api] Virtual MIDI ports (#45)

From: Jussi Kalliokoski <notifications@github.com>
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2013 21:50:58 -0700
To: WebAudio/web-midi-api <web-midi-api@noreply.github.com>
Message-ID: <WebAudio/web-midi-api/issues/45/23312969@github.com>
> but those appear to be orthogonal to having a constructor or factory

It comes down to whether we need to ask for permission or not, and if we do, the factory method has the permission model already set up (to get the MIDIAccess instance), whereas for global constructors there isn't one. That is, unless the constructor takes a MIDIAccess instance as an argument (in which case I'd argue that it doesn't make sense to detach it from the MIDIAccess) or we throw if a valid MIDIAccess instance hasn't been created during the current session.

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