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[Bug 17378] (AudioBufferSourceNodePlaybackRate): AudioBufferSourceNode.playbackRate not strictly defined

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Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2013 19:34:03 +0000
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--- Comment #6 from Joe Berkovitz / NF <joe@noteflight.com> ---
@Ehsan: I had no intention of assuming any particular algorithm (and tried to
call this out -- sorry if it was unclear). Of course linear interpolation is
not a preferred choice. I suppose that a literal interpretation of my proposal
could suggest linear interpolation, but that was not the intention.

The proposal specifies a sequence of {data window, effective sampling rate}
pairs with fractional sample-offset boundaries that form the input to an
arbitrary interpolation algorithm. How the interpolator makes use of this
sequence is not a concern. A nonlinear interpolator can work with as much of
the sequence as it likes, processing arbitrarily large batches of data points
at a time.

Of course in practice an implementor would probably not accumulate such a
sequence and apply an interpolation algorithm to it, this is an idealized
behavior for specification purposes.

If this approach turns out to be too naƮve I welcome an improved recasting of
it. I think the important aspect of it has to do with the way that playback
progress through the buffer is affected by a time-varying playback rate, and I
found an idealized cursor the easiest way to express this progress.

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