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Re: decodeAudioBuffer, XHR and MIME headers

From: Jens Nockert <jens@nockert.se>
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2013 06:51:42 +0200
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To: Ehsan Akhgari <ehsan.akhgari@gmail.com>

On 25 Jul 2013, at 22:37, Ehsan Akhgari <ehsan.akhgari@gmail.com> wrote:

> I think the Web Audio spec must refer to this specification <http://mimesniff.spec.whatwg.org/> when it comes to sniffing mime types.  One of the problems we've had in the Gecko implementation is that we've had to consistently update our sniffing algorithm (and the specification as well) according to the MIME types that WebKit/Blink accept, for interoperability sake, and it's not always clear what types of content we're missing until people file bugs about them.  It would be great if all implementation rejected content which did not adhere to the spec (or extend the spec in case they want to support such content).

I wasn't aware, but I guess it makes sense for compatibility.

Could we add a note to the decodeAudioBuffer spec that only some 'correct' files will decode, and link to the mimesniff spec?

Documenting this is important, since it isn't what most people expect, and if only some browsers implement it, the average developer will think that it is a serious bug in the browsers that do implement it.
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