Minutes of Audio WG teleconference, 2012-03-05

Dear all,

The minutes of our teleconference on Monday, 5th March 2012 are online:

On the call, we welcomed Matt Paradis, and had a discussion on the 
rechartering of the group and on the fact that the group can start 
making progress on the MIDI spec(s).

Speaking of specification, the group resolved to publish a new WD of the 
Web audio API specification - probably next week after the current round 
of edits have been made (and pending a review of those edits during next 
week's call).

We then had a discussion on new use cases, one on syncing several audio 
sources with video, and the other on user control of audio.

Finally, the group talked about ISSUE-3: A way to destroy an 
AudioContext instance

Many thanks to Joe for scribing this week.


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