[Bug 17415] (JSWorkers): JavaScriptAudioNode processing in workers


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> (In reply to comment #20)
> > Developers have to be conscious about performance and avoiding layout reflows
> > anyway, why should this API be any different?
> One problem is that developers don't control all the pages that might possibly
> be sharing the same thread. No browser puts every page on its own thread. So
> even if you write your page perfectly, you're still vulnerable to latency
> caused by poorly-written pages sharing your main thread.

Of course, but this argument is just as valid against having an audio API at
all, after all the developer can't anticipate what else is running on the
user's computer aside from the browser. For all the developer knows, the API
might be running on a mobile browser with all cores (or maybe just one) busy.
Throwing more threads at it doesn't necessarily solve the problem of not being
able to anticipate all situations.

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