Re: Web Audio thoughts

On 12/06/2012 18:49, Chris Rogers wrote:

> Hi Ray, that sounds very cool!

You should try it - for the amount of code needed so far I think it is 
kinda cool :)

>     1.  AudioParam variables
>     There's no way I can see to have an AudioParam property in a
>     JavascriptAudioNode and then have that node sample the parameter.  The
>     JS node is very useful, but without access to AudioParam features it's
>     kind of a second class citizen.
> Yes, Jussi has brought this up before, and we agreed it could be useful.
> But for now at least, we're not adding this part in.  We could add this
> in the future...

That would be good.  I understand the discussion about threads, and 
blocking, and all that, but a JSAudioNode has all those problems anyway.

>     For example I might want to implement my ADSR EG using a JS AudioNode.
>     In "real" synthesizers it's common to have the ability to tweak the ADSR
>     envelope based on input frequency.  I don't think I can do that with the
>     current API.
> In general, AudioParams can handle this type of thing.  If I can find
> the time, I'd like to create some more examples using envelopes to show
> some of these things.

Sure, I know I can use AudioParams to _create_ an EG.  I also want to 
use them to _tune_ the EG ;)

> By the way, one thing which is now possible is to feed the output from a
> JavaScriptAudioNode into a parameter, thus controlling the parameter
> with an audio-rate signal generated in JS.  This is kind of the opposite
> of what you're describing, but is useful.

Yes, exactly.

> >   2.  More fine-grained "disconnect"
> Yes, we've talked a little about this before.  It'll be something we
> should address.

Great :)

>     3.  Interrogation of the node graph
> I think we've discussed this before.  Although we could add such an API,
> it's not that hard for JS wrapper code to keep track of these connections.

Indeed, it's not _that_ hard.

However for my example I _do_ need the .numberOfInputs and 
.numberOfOutputs properties.

I understand having read some of the list archive that discussion of 
node graph properties has been linked with _removing_ those properties 
but I would lean way in the other direction.

FWIW, some more detailed documentation on the units used by AudioParams 
would be _really_ useful.  For example, I've actually no idea what would 
happen if I mixed the output from an LFO with the frequency input of an 
Oscillator.  The LFO has a nominal output range of -1 to +1, so what 
would happen to the frequency?



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