Re: State of issues as of 2012-05-30

Hi Philip, Chris, group,

On 1 Jun 2012, at 14:29, Philip Jägenstedt wrote:

> We've replied to all of these now. ISSUE-34 is OK for us, the rest require additional changes.

Closed now in bugzilla and tracker.

> We have followed up on those of the above that we raised. Some clarification on workflow would be appreciated, though. In the HTML WG, the editor asks to only be given the problems and/or use cases and will decide on the solution and all editorial issues. We could write exactly the spec text that we think should be used, but is that what Chris wants? Specs mixing the editorial style of multiple editors don't read well…

I would tend to agree we don't want to mix prose styles too much unless we have 2 editors working together, but I'll let the editor express his preference. Chris?


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