Re: Next teleconference : 6th June

Hi Marcus, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

On 4 Jun 2012, at 09:47, "Marcus Geelnard" <> wrote:

> I agree with both of you. I also think teleconferences are useful (and I quite liked the last one), and I don't mind meeting up over phone every now and then. However, the problem is that it's literally impossible to meet during work hours (due to the different geographical locations of the WG participants), which I'm not very comfortable with.

Understood and largely agreed.

> Also, since I think that there will be more "difficult" issues to discuss (e.g. ISSUE-6, ISSUE-28, ISSUE-56, ISSUE-74, ISSUE-107 to name a few), I can easily see this going on on a weekly basis for months to come.
> In other words, I think it would be very valuable if we could resolve as many issues as possible without teleconferences (and possibly a bug tracker would make that work easier).

No question that we want to make as much progress as possible outside of the teleconferences. Thanks to the W3C team (Doug, Thierry and Mike) we are looking at migrating our issues on a full-featured bug tracker. Hope to have progress to report on it soon.

> Now, to a more practical issue: it just occurred to me that the 6th is a national holiday in Sweden [1], so neither me or Philip will be able to join this week.

Noted. Al and I are meeting today, we'll get back to the group on whether/when we'll hold a telcon this week, and what the agenda would be.

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