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> On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 7:27 AM, Chris Rogers <> wrote:
>>> That's really a WebRTC question. Actually at Mozilla the #1 priority for
>>> MediaStream right now is not peer communication but using getUserMedia to
>>> capture audio and video streams and take photos. I think we'll need to
>>> resuscitate MediaStreamRecorder very soon, to record video clips in
>>> camera-using applications --- if someone else doesn't get to it first. If
>>> you just want to capture a bundle of video and transmit it to a server in
>>> non-real-time, then that's what you want too I guess.
>> If we resuscitate MediaStreamRecorder then I'd like to make sure that the
>> design takes into account that a recording will start and stop at a precise
>> time (in relation to other audio events).  This is crucial for musical
>> applications such as digital audio workstations when people are recording
>> tracks into a multi-track editor -- essential for synchronization.
> Sure. You can do that with MediaStream Processing :-)

I'm not sure I understand how.  It's no longer in the WebRTC spec, but
looking back at an older version I see:

[Constructor (MediaStreamTrackList? audioTracks, MediaStreamTrackList?
interface MediaStream {
    readonly attribute DOMString            label;
    readonly attribute MediaStreamTrackList audioTracks;
    readonly attribute MediaStreamTrackList videoTracks;
    MediaStreamRecorder record ();
             attribute boolean              ended;
             attribute Function?            onended;

The text says:
Begins recording the stream. The returned MediaStreamRecorder object
provides access to the recorded data."

What I'm saying is that the record() method needs to say *when* (exactly at
what time in relation to other audio events), otherwise it will just start
recording at "roughly" a certain time (when the record() method is invoked
from JS) which is not accurate enough for professional audio.  Recording in
digital audio work-station applications requires recording a stream with


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