Minutes of audio WG teleconference, 2012-05-02

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The minutes of our meeting on 2nd May 2012 are available online:

 new members
 ISSUE-12: Loop start/stop points
 ISSUE-6: Audio Param Constructor
 ISSUE-9: Channel handling
 ISSUE-5: Pausing a sub-graph
 Spec Roadmap

We started the meeting with a quick mention of new members who recently joined the group, including Microsoft, then moved on to discuss a number of issues. 

On ISSUE-12 (loop start/stop points) Joe explained the need to specify the looping start and stop points in a buffer. There was also a discussion about the methods noteOn/noteOff versus the proposed stop/start. We explored the possibility of keeping noteOn/Off but deprecating it, keeping it but documenting the fact that it was not the preferred name, or simply not have it in the spec  the latter not favoured by the editor because there are already a lot of implementations of the draft spec using them.

We resolved to close ISSUE-6, one month after a tentative resolution to keep AudioParam constructor for a future version of the spec, for which there had been no objection. Olivier offered to draft an informative spec section which would document features we decided to keep out of the spec's v1 (ACTION-45).

On ISSUE-9 (channel handling) we discussed the need for the API to know the number of channels supported by the hardware (either as speakers or outputs). Chris has a proposed way of dealing with this in the web audio API, and we agreed we should check with the DAP group and see if this was on their roadmap, too.

After skipping discussion on Issue 5 (Pausing a sub-graph) we had a short discussion about our spec roadmap and our current status with two competing proposed specs. The chairs agreed there had been discussions with several members in recent times, with a significant industry buy-in for one of the proposals and less progress on the other. We expect to re-visit the issue within the next few weeks, after a few rounds of discussions with the editors.

Next meeting: Wednesday 9th May, noon LA, 3pm Boston, 8PM London, 9PM Paris, 7AM (+1D) Auckland

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