Minutes of audio WG teleconference, 2012-04-16

Dear all,

The minutes of our meeting on 16th April 2012 are available online:

  Decide on the time/day for our teleconferences through Autumn 2012
  Decide on whether we will meet at TPAC and/or for another f2f
  Quick review of issues "Pending Review"
  review of recent editor's draft changes

The call began with some decisions on future meetings. We resolved to move our weekly teleconference to wednesdays 3pm Boston time to facilitate the participation from our participants in NZ. We also decided, based on the poll, that the group would meet at TPAC in Lyon (possibly 29-30 Oct) and may also hold another meeting this summer, possibly in the US.

We then went through the issues pending review:
 - ISSUE-3 will be closed as satisfying, and we will make sure to document currently implemented limits in the number of audio contexts
 - ISSUE-5 is already resolved, Al will close it
 - ISSUE-7 was nearing completion, but Jussi is voicing second thoughts

Finally, Chris Rogers walked us through recent changes in the Editor's Draft of the Web Audio API, including a lot of updates about things agreed in the recent past but which hadn't yet been added to the spec, such as the JavaScriptAudioNode, Oscillators, etc. Chris will be sending a detailed mail about those changes to the list.

Next meeting: Wednesday 25th April, noon LA, 3pm Boston, 8PM London, 9PM Paris, 7AM (+1D) Auckland

You can find all our meeting minutes and resolutions at:


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