"connect" naming

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> Think of it this way, it's like plugging a cable into a plug.  For example
> if a guitarist plugs a guitar into a guitar amplifier it would be like this:
> guitar.connect(amplifier);
> Of course, in this case, the guitar is the source of audio.
> If there's a distortion pedal in between the guitar and amplifier, then it
> would be:
> guitar.connect(distortionBox);
> distortionBox.connect(amplifier);
> So, it reads left to right as source connects (to) destination.

That makes sense *if* you know that the source is on the left and the
destination is on the right --- but a casual reader isn't going to know
that. There are lots of APIs on the Web and elsewhere that use patterns like
"stream.write(data)" where the source is on the right and the destination is
on the left ... in fact having the data flow from right to left is probably
dominant for OO APIs because "write", "send" etc are are methods on the
destination object.

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