Re: Requirements for Web audio APIs

On Mon, May 23, 2011 at 2:58 PM, Chris Rogers <> wrote:

> I see it as more of an advantage than a problem.  In object-oriented
> design, it's often a good idea to separate out concepts into separate types
> of objects with "has-a" relationships instead of lumping together distinct
> and separate concepts into monolithic object classes.  As an example of two
> quite different types of objects I would look at HTMLMediaElement, a type
> which is very much concerned with network state and buffering as evident in
> its API.   And the AudioNode,  which deals with concepts very particular to
> audio, connections with processing nodes in a graph, etc.   So, I see it as
> an advantage to keep them separate.

The apparent redundancy is with AudioNode and Stream, not HTMLMediaElement.

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