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The launch of the A3E Audio Developer's Conference

From: Paul Sitar <pauls@a3exchange.com>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2014 15:25:04 -0500
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Please see the below about the creation of your very own event!

Please pass along or sign up at www.A3Exchange.com for updates.

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*A New Music Technology Event Like No Other!*

* Advanced Audio + Applications Exchange™ (A3E™) trade show and conference **to
be held in Boston in September 2014*

*A Dedicated Exchange for  Musicians + Audio Pros, Audio Developers,*

*and Technology + Music Manufacturers*

 *BOSTON, January 7, 2014 - *The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority
(MCCA) and Sitarian™ Corporation announced the launch of the *Advanced
Audio + Applications Exchange™ (A3E™)*
an international tradeshow, conference and social network exchange focused
on the exploration of new technologies that are transforming the music
industry and the creative processes of musicians and audio professionals. The
inaugural event will take place September 23 + 24, 2014, at the Hynes
Convention Center in Boston.


A3E will be a premier event uniquely focused on and dedicated to bringing
together for the first time three sectors that are being transformed by the
emergence and evolution of new apps, software and technologies for music
and audio; musicians and audio professionals; audio app developers; and the
manufacturers of next generation music and audio instruments, tools,
technology/hardware and related applications.

The two-day A3E event will feature dozens of participating companies,
vendors of cutting-edge apps, software, hardware, instruments and audio
products that are radically changing digital studios in how they produce
and perform music and audio content. This inclusive event is focused on
creating a new exchange between these three facets of audio technology and
music creation that is unlike any event of its kind.


A3E aims to create greater strategic synergy between the code and apps
being developed, the art and content being created, and the instruments,
tools and hardware being manufactured for this highly specialized

Dedicated to an exchange of ideas, the conference will encourage attendees
to delve into topical issues,explore the exhibits, discuss new product
development, as well as foster the creation of emerging standards for new
music and audio technologies.


 A3E will feature three separate conference programs:

· *A3E Audio Developers Conference™* - geared towards software engineers,
software programmers, quality assurance personnel, software architects, and
project managers.

· *A3E P2 Conference™: Production + Performance* - designed for
professional musicians, record producers, film composers, television
composers, musical directors, sound designers, mastering engineers,
recording engineers, audio-visual mixers, professional songwriters,
web/audio integrators/designers, video game composers, DJs, and re-mixers.

· *A3E Product, Market + Business Strategies Summit™* - created for product
managers, marketing managers, business development strategists, channel
strategists – the people responsible for advancing and monetizing the
radical changes that are evolving within the music and audio marketplaces.

The three A3E conference programs will be complimented by four Mastermind
Keynote presentations, and A3E will offer all attendees over 40 company
briefings,  product workshops and training sessions presented by leaders
and innovators of next generation audio products and services.

A3E will also offer advanced betas, new product testing and downloads.The
conference will also foster the creation of new technology through a
hands-on“Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Bring Your Own Studio (BYOS)”
professional environment – a true exchange of working ideas and creative
collaboration opportunities. Musicians and audio professionals will not
only be able to install an app, they will be able to learn about the
technology in real time as well as provide valuable insights to the
developers and manufacturers.

For more information or to sign up for updates please visit the A3E website
at www.A3Exchange.com<http://www.a3exchange.com/?utm_source=ZohoCampaigns&utm_campaign=A3E%202014%20Boston%20-%20Event%20Launch%20Annoucement%20(wave%202%20IMX%2099)_2014-01-06_1&utm_medium=email>


*A3E/Sitarian Contact:*

Paul Sitar, A3E Show Director

888-404-6008 ext. 700

pauls@a3exchange.com <pauls@a3exchange.com?subject=>

*A3E Contact:*

Doug DeAngelis, A3E Conference Chair

888-404-6008 ext. 701

dougd@a3exchange.com <dougd@a3exchange.com?subject=>

Kevin Johnstone, A3E Conference Chair

888-404-6008 ext. 702

kevinj@a3exchange.com <kevinj@a3exchange.com?subject=>

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