ARIA-AT App - Version Capture Feature

Hello all,

As mentioned in Matt's email, from May 17th, I am sending a status of the
development for the Version Capture Feature of the ARIA-AT App

Due to the effort that it took to deploy the redesigned APG Website
<> I have had to adjust the schedule for
releasing this feature.  The revised schedule is listed below:

May 31 - Deploy feature to the Sandbox for Bocoup Internal testing
June 2 - Announcement to Community Group on feature available for review
and feedback
June 6 - Release feature to Staging and then Production

The dates for June 2 and June 6 are happy path and should any updates need
to be made these dates would be adjusted accordingly.

In the meantime the engineers are ready to take in the version information
that testers have been accumulating.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Rich Noah

Received on Thursday, 19 May 2022 22:01:41 UTC