Disclosure Navigation Menu Example Test Plan Feedback

Hi everyone,

Hadi and I spent this afternoon reviewing testing tasks 6 - 20 for the Disclosure Navigation Menu Example for JAWS latest and Chrome latest. Below is a couple of notes of feedback we'd like to provide. We apologize if any of this feedback has already been given by another tester. We'd be happy to discuss these notes further or answer any clarifying questions.

  *   Review conflicts modal is not organized by testing task
     *   When tasks have conflicting results, there is an alert with a button on the page that opens a "Reviewing Conflicts" modal. This modal has a list of all differences across all testing tasks in the test plan. It would be helpful to organize these differences by test plan to clearly communicate which differences are associated with which specific tasks.
  *   Interaction mode typo
     *   Within the instructions for any task requiring the virtual cursor to be off, the test instructions will say to verify if the cursor is active and that "if it is not, turn off the Virtual cursor". As the virtual cursor should be off, it should instead say "if it is active, turn off the Virtual Cursor...".
  *   Testing Task 8 navigation commands
     *   Testing task 8 (Navigate backwards to an expanded disclosure button in interaction mode) instructs users to use the up arrow key, the home key, and the left arrow key to navigate backwards to the expanded disclosure button. However, these commands are not expected to move focus backwards with or without a screen reader. We were unsure if these commands were included by mistake or if we were testing to see if they don't work.

Alyssa Vo
Student Accessibility Assistant, UW-IT

Received on Monday, 15 November 2021 23:24:32 UTC