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Hi Matthew,

Welcome to the group and your interest in improving how assistive technology uses ARIA markup.

The goal of the group is to provide feedback to Assistive Technology companies, primarily screen readers right now, on how their current use of ARIA information effects the user experience and to help web development teams understand the current state of how ARIA markup actually effects the experience of screen reader users using coding examples from the ARIA Authoring Practices (APG).
The group is developing test cases using the APG examples and expected results on screen readers interacting with the examples in browse and interactive modes.

The group will help define gaps in the usage of ARIA information or inconsistencies between browse and interactive modes.

Hope this helps, are you able to attend the meeting today?

Is your company a W3C member?


From: Matthew Kreiling <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2021 8:49 PM
Subject: New member would love a primer

I just signed up for the group in my capacity as a front-end developer with a strong interest in accessibility.

I have been developing for about 11 years, the last 6 of them designing and developing components, primarily in the Vue framework for a large state government agency (WA State Dept. of Labor and Industries).

I think I can contribute to these efforts if I could absorb some background and understand what types of gaps I might be able to help bridge.

Would anyone be able to point me towards some conversations or otherwise help me understand the background, outcomes, goals, vision, and challenges of this group?


Matthew Kreiling

We're all in it together.


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