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Rough draft of 20H1 plan

From: Matthew King <mck@fb.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2020 17:26:02 +0000
To: "public-aria-at@w3.org" <public-aria-at@w3.org>
Message-ID: <MW2PR1501MB20599ACAA96068B28AA31DB8D4370@MW2PR1501MB2059.namprd15.prod.outlook.com>
* Get screen reader developer buy-in with Demo of testing for checkbox, combobox, menubar, and grid
  * Complete test files for these patterns
  * Test these patterns with JAWS, NVDA, and VoiceOver in Chrome and Firefox on Windows and Chrome on Mac
  * Upload results from tests into gh-pages
  * Refine runner and reports as needed
  * Share with NVAccess, Freedom Scientific, and and Apple
  * Gather concerns, if any.
  * Document plans for addressing any concerns.
  * Get support statements from stakeheholder AT devs
  * Plan screen reader developer participation:
    * How/when to review test plans and results for each pattern
   * How to handle feedback on test plans and results
* Build broader stakeholder support:
  * Develop stakeholder presentation covering vision, viability, plan, and stakeholder contribution options
  * Share with potential larger stakeholder companies
* Build production system
  * Analyze gaps between prototype and use cases
  * Break into phases based on use case prioritization
  * Develop high-level system requirements for each phase
  * Design/build sprints for each phase with ruthless prioritization of usability using key audience/stakeholder map; no time to waste here.
* Pilot test of production system
  * Write test plans for baseline set of APG patterns
  * Review test plans with screen reader developers
  * Train testers
  * Run pilot tests of baseline set
    * Each baseline test run by a TF member and a trained tester
    * Compare TF member results with tester results, look for system problems, usability problems, training problems.
* Final production system prep
  * Fix critical issues identified by pilot
  * Complete development of test plans
* Run first complete round of tests with 6 browser/screen reader combinations
  * Emergency bug fixing if problems arise
* Project wrap up
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