ARIA-AT discussion note for 2019-11-20

Hi everyone,

We missed taking minutes at the meeting today.
Here are some points we've discussed.

  1.  Discussed how we should abstract and structure the commands.
Matt brought up some of his concerns for the command abstract, which I couldn't capture comprehensively.
After that, we discussed the controlled vocabulary of user action like this.<>

  1.  Comments Matt posted before the meeting.<>

  *   Some of the assertions would anything to do with output, such as switching mode
  *   Erroneous defects that are not captured by assertions.
Current assertion model (such as No Output, Incorrect Output) can capture output.
However, there are cases that screen reader announces unrelated information due to deficiency.
Those cases will not be captured in the current test structure since it's designed to capture output.

  1.  Next step
Matt will write a test plan for JAWS and NVDA, put the plan in CSV format in the repository.
Valerie will work on test harness once Matt has done with the test plan.
Valerie also needs feedback for displaying result summary results of the test and test runner from everyone. See upcoming GitHub posts.


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