RE: Agenda for ARIA-AT Wednesday 2019-02-27

Thank you all for the feedback. Michael and I had been using this meeting time and just decided to open it up in the event that some people are available to contribute.


We could run a pole to find a time that works better for more people. And, we could definitely enable asyn contribution; we haven’t really done anything along those lines yet as we are feeling our way through the project spin up.


We’ll spend some time discussing how to facilitate contribution today and share that out.




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I am in a similar boat as Terrill.


Been looking over the minutes on a weekly basis, but unfortunately consistently have client meetings during this time slot.


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Hi All, 


I frequently have conflicting meetings at 9:00am on Wednesdays - today is no exception. I look forward to the meeting minutes. Mostly likely I'll be excusing myself from this early planning process unless there are specific questions you'd like the larger group to discuss asynchronously. In fact, I offer that as a suggestion, as I think there may be several people in this community who could participate meaningfully to the discussion but are unable to attend the live meetings. 




Terrill Thompson
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Hello everyone,

Please join us for our call tomorrow, Wednesday 2019-02-27.

Agenda: Discuss scope and deliverables

Meeting details:

*        When: every Wednesday for 1 hour

o   9:00 am Pacific (San Francisco) 

o   11:00 am Central Time (Chicago)

o   12:00 pm Eastern Time (New York)

*        Where: BlueJeans call (details follow) with IRC

BlueJeans meeting info: You can dial in or connect via web or BlueJeans app.

Dial in:

US toll free: 888-240-2560

US toll: 408-317-9253

Other international dial in numbers:  <>

Meeting ID: 188529286

Participant Passcode 6927

Meeting URL:  <>



irc:// <>


As always, please let me know if you have any questions.


Michael Fairchild, CPWA <>  • Accessibility Consultant

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