Re: ARIA-AT minutes for 2019-04-24

Hi again everyone,

I've updated the work-in-progress use cases document, following yesterday's

Here's the link to the Google Doc again:

Status of these use cases:

   1. *Use cases for web developers*
   We're in broad agreement on these.

   2. *Use cases for screen reader developers*
   We're still in the process of defining these. I've used my imagination
   to weave the points made on today's call into 3 draft use cases. The
   situations I'm describing might be off, and I'm sure they can be improved.

   3. *Use cases for ARIA-AT contributors*
   We haven't yet talked about these on the call. But we're keen to start.

We're planning to review this together in two weeks. Feel free to edit,
comment or feedback ahead of time.


On Wed, 24 Apr 2019 at 18:04, Michael Fairchild <>

> Hi everyone,
> Minutes can be found at
> Two notes:
>    1. We will not have a meeting next week
>    2. On 2019-05-08 JF will continue leading us in our use case exercise
> Please feel free to reply or email the list if you have any questions,
> comments, or want to continue the discussion asynchronously.
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> <> *•* *Accessibility
> Consultant*
> Deque Systems <>

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