7 Day Call for Consensus March 17, 2016 ARIA Working Group Resolutions


I am reading your response. So, if we have no password role there is nothing telling the assistive technology to not echo the characters out your device speaker while you are entering text. 

If an author takes the time to actually put a role=“password” on a password field it is far more likely that the author who created the custom password field would not want to expose the characters because it is a password field.

https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-aria-admin/2016Mar/0023.html <https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-aria-admin/2016Mar/0023.html>

Why would any developer add a password role to an input field just to silence only a screen reader from echoing text? I don’t understand the logic. It is much harder to get a developer to remember to add a password role. Now, we can help this by saying that the author MUST obscure the text entered if a password role is applied to an input field. Would that satisfy your concern?

Incidentally, we ran this by the Microsoft Edge browser security team who did not see any issues. They said, authors were already creating custom password fields. 


Rich Schwerdtfeger

Received on Monday, 28 March 2016 21:54:16 UTC