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Query Analysis, Planning and Optimization utilizing Database Schema Metadata and Ontology [via Argumentation Community Group]

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Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2016 22:53:46 +0000
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Advancements to database schema metadata and ontology advance query analysis,
query planning and query optimization. Advancements to database schema metadata
advance the analysis of query plans, for example those outputted by the SQL

1. Database software should version to provide the capability to annotate
database schemas, tables, columns or relations with (a) URI-based classes, and
with (b) entire RDF graphs.

2. New SQL syntax should be of use to access the URI-based classes and
graph-based metadata about database schemas, tables, columns or relations.

3. Database software and logic programming environments should version to
utilize standard API for interoperation.

4. New ontologies should be authored and standardized to provide new features
for databases and usage scenarios.

New usage scenarios include: (a) the measurement of various privacy topics of
relational algebra queries, the calculation or estimation of data pertinent to a
number of privacy topics, preserving privacy in big data, and (b) the
determination of whether queries meet criteria to access data resources
indicated in queries or query plans, (c) the alignment of data resources and of
data from multiple data resources.


13th IEEE International Conference on Advanced and Trusted Computing. Track 3:
Privacy Preservation in Big Data. http://atc2016.sciencesconf.org/.


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