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A Straw Man Architypes Proposal

From: Richard Wallis <richard.wallis@dataliberate.com>
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2015 16:56:32 +0100
Message-ID: <CAD47Kz6nCcBrfd0T+Fa7OrfYPiRHjb4JA95EVOW29hxmGFsykQ@mail.gmail.com>
To: public-architypes <public-architypes@w3.org>
Hi all Architypes!

It has been a little quiet in the group since the initial flurry of
activity and discussion.

Nevertheless in the background I have been taking thoughts from those
comments and formulating an approach to turning them into the beginnings of
a potential proposal for an extension to schema.org.

To that end I have produced a straw man proposal to stimulate questions,
discussions, disagreements, comments, etc. and get the process going.  It
can be found on the Initial Model
<https://www.w3.org/community/architypes/wiki/Initial_model> Wiki page.

Please treat this as a work in progress, even as a proposal, and not
comprehensive.  Also treat it a one, not necessarily the only way to
approach this.

I look forward to comments etc. that this will stimulate.

~Richard Wallis
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