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Exploring Logic Artificial Chemistries: An Illogical Attempt?

Authors: Christof Teuscher

Abstract: Robustness to a wide variety of negative factors and the ability
to self-repair is an inherent and natural characteristic of all life forms
on earth. As opposed to nature, man-made systems are in most cases not
inherently robust and a significant effort has to be made in order to make
them resistant against failures. This can be done in a wide variety of ways
and on various system levels... Here, we are interested to evaluate the
potential of nature-inspired artificial chemistries and membrane systems as
an alternative information representing and processing paradigm in order to
obtain robust and spatially extended Boolean computing systems in a
distributed environment. We investigate conceptual approaches inspired by
artificial chemistries and membrane systems and compare
proof-of-concepts... Compared to the main body of work in artificial
chemistries, we take a very pragmatic and implementation-oriented approach
and are interested in realizing Boolean computations only. The results
emphasize that artificial chemistries can be used to implement Boolean
logic in a spatially extended and distributed environment and can also be
made highly robust, but at a significant price.

Submitted 29 March, 2007; originally announcedMarch 2007.

Journal ref: The First IEEE Symposium on Artificial Life, April 1-5, 2007,
Hawaii, USA

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