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Hi Larry,
Comment ša va?

While I understand the strong preference for referencing real
specifications from real standards bodies, in the particular case of ZIP,
there are already a few cases where leading industry formats felt it was OK
to reference the PKWare site. Marcos's blog entry
( provides links to the specs for
JAR, ODF, OOXML/OPC, and OEBPS, all of which reference the PKWare app note.
It is certainly true that the ZIP spec is subject to change at the whims of
a particular company; therefore, the key thing is to make sure that your
own spec clearly defines which particular set of features from the ZIP app
note are required.


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One set of questions the current specification raises are similar to the
ones that were raised during discussions of registering a zip-based MIME
type: that the referenced ZIP specification itself is not a standard,
implementations vary, and that a simple reference to the PKWare "ZIP"
specification wasn't sufficient to insure interoperability:

In addition, as I also mentioned in my previous message, I think that a URI
scheme that's restricted to ZIP may be too narrow. I agree with the
sentiments that led to a proposal for some way of covering rooted
directories, whether packaged or not, although I'm not certain about the
opera proposal itself:


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