Re: [widgets] Automatic updates attempt 2

On Wed, 28 May 2008 11:10:56 +0200, Thomas Roessler <> wrote:

>> 2. Point to an XML file written in our custom XML format (described  
>> below).
> I'd drop that.

While more complicated, it buys a number of freedoms:

1. In the case that any security-related settings for the widget changes,  
they can be reviewed automatically, or optionally manually by the user,  
and download of an updated resource can be prevented if the updated  
version is not acceptable.  This is particularily important on slow  
connections, since some widgets run into the megabyte range
2. It is possible to sign the update XML document, and verify the file  
prior to downloading. An example here would be if a signed update document  
pointed to an alternate download mechanism, such as a torrent or other P2P  
technology, the document could itself be signed, and contain checksums for  
the actual file.

Arve Bersvendsen

Developer, Opera Software ASA,

Received on Wednesday, 28 May 2008 09:25:45 UTC