Re: [widgets] 'widget:' protocol

>> Is your complaint against including ZIP-package-relative URLs in
>> the original content (whether it is 'widget:' or 'zip:'), or is
>> your complaint against using a 'zip:' protocol in the original
>> content instead of a 'widget:' protocol?
> As far as authoring is concerned, I think they're (almost) equally
> bad.

Authors would not be allowed to use the scheme.

> Quite generally, it would appear that using a URI scheme that's
> specific to the packaging format basically leads to a layering
> violation -- so far, the widget's DOM layer doesn't need to have a
> clue whether it was packaged with zip (as the current spec says),
> not packaged at all (as in, installed in a widget engine that just
> unpacks things into the file system), or whatever else.

So you say that what relative and absolute URIs resolve to internally
is an implementation detail?

Marcos Caceres

Received on Friday, 23 May 2008 23:02:33 UTC