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> What you should probably say is:
> --
> The user's language preferences as a comma-separated list of basic language ranges as defined in [BCP47]. The first item represents the user's most preferred language range [BCP47], followed by the next most preferred language and so forth. For example, "en, fr, es", where English is preferred over French, and French is preferred over Spanish, and Spanish is preferred over the default. Each language range MUST match the 'language-range' production in RFC 4647 (part of BCP 47) [improperly formed ranges are ignored]. Widget user-agents are not required to validate the contents of a range against the IANA Language Subtag Registry. Widget user agents SHOULD, nevertheless, attempt to populate the lang-priority-list with valid language subtags that are well-formed (which can help with canonicalization and matching obsolete and grandfathered subtags to ).

I've replaced the old text with the text you've suggested.

Thanks again for taking the time to provide detailed feedback. It is
greatly appreciated.

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Marcos Caceres

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