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On Tue, May 20, 2008 at 2:18 AM, David Clarke <> wrote:
> Hello Marcos,
> Looking through step 6,  I think I see an error in the second example.
> For example, if the subtag is "*-Ch" and folders included "de-cH", "fr-Ch" ,
> and "IT-CH", then the folder "de-cH" would be matched, then base URI would
> be "widget://f81d4fae-7dec-11d0-a765-00a0c91e6bf6/en-cH"and the widget
> locale would be "en-ch".
> I could understand if the locale was any of "de-cH", "fr-Ch" , and "IT-CH",
> to match *-ch, but en-ch is not mentioned.

Woopsy, copy-and-paste error. Match should be "de-ch"... (maybe)...

> Also, where multiple possible matches occur, as in the example above, is
> there a deterministic way defined for which will be used?

I was thinking that it should be determined by the file entry
structure inside the zip archive: first match wins... but as you (and
Addison) point out below, there may be issues with that approach.

> This becomes relevant, if for example, each locale folder had separate
> distinct resources.
> e.g.
> base URI contains the following graphic resources for the widget

I assume you mean "the root of the widget". The base URI could be one
of the localized folders.

> a.gif
> b.gif
> c.gif
> d.gif
> de-cH contains the following graphical resources
> a.gif
> b.gif
> fr-Ch contains
> b.gif
> c.gif
> and
> IT-CH contains
> a.gif
> c.gif
> Which of these should happen for *-ch assuming de-cH is chosen as the widget
> locale?
> 1) c.gif is requested
>   a) the base c.gif is delivered, as de-cH does not contain a localised
> version of c.gif

by base I assume you mean "/c.gif" at the root.

>   b) c.gif is delivered from fr-CH and used as this is a better match to
> *-ch descriptor than the base.

neither. The only way that de-ch could get c.gif is to address it with
an absolute URI ("/c.gif")

I see what you are proposing with allowing searching in multiple
localized folders simultaneously (by honoring the "*-ch" pattern).
That would complicate the processing model significantly. My
preference is to have only one match and that match be determined by
*something* (eg. first suitable match of a folder in the zip file).
Any recommendations as to what that *something* could be?

> How should this be altered if IT-CH were to be chosen as the widget locale
> and b.gif were requested?

The same as above. Otherwise, the author would need to include it in
IT-CH. The problem would be that the author may require a separate
HTML file in each of the localized folders to achieve what you are

I think this comes down to creating clear guidelines for authors. The
current solution may in some rare cases force authors to include
resources twice, but most problems can be overcome if authors think
logically about what content needs (or does not need) to be localized.

Kind regards,
Marcos Caceres

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