widget namespace

The question of whether or not to use namespaces for the XML in the widget
config.xml was raised in  http://www.w3.org/TR/widgets/ , Section 3, "This
is an XML file, do we need a namespace? Advantages either way: input

i searched the archives for a thread on this topic but did not turn anything

namespaces are important/critical in this context for extensibility. i am
assuming that this file will be used to contain elements common to all
widgets as well as elements specific to individual widgets.

while it may be possible to define, up front, most of the common elements
required for this file, i expect that as the technology evolves so will the
common contents of this file. in addition it is impossible to define the
widget specific contents as each developer, or platform for that matter, may
require additional configuration elements.

as a result this file becomes a hot spot for naming conflicts as the
standard evolves and as individual widgets evolve. utilizing namespaces will
allow the standard to grow unfettered and let widget developers, both
platform developers and individual widget developers, extend this file as
needed without conflict between the standards or other developers.


Jason Monberg

Received on Tuesday, 17 July 2007 18:14:35 UTC