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[Widgets reqs] Fourth Public Working Draft

From: Marcos Caceres <marcosscaceres@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 12:58:51 +1000
Message-ID: <b21a10670707051958s52cc2b1fxceab1bfd7becdee0@mail.gmail.com>
To: "WAF WG (public)" <public-appformats@w3.org>

Hi All,
Today WAF published the Fourth WD of the Widgets 1.0 Requirements
Document [1]. The document has been almost completely rewritten to
more accurately capture the requirements for widgets and impose a
conformance model on the Widgets  1.0 Spec to keep it vendor neutral
and as developer oriented as possible. The new document contains 9 new

What's new?

 * Reworded abstract so it makes explicit reference to the widgets 1.0  spec.
 * Attempted to define what widgets are more clearly.
 * Changed conformance model so everything is now informative except
for sentences beginning with the label "normative:".
 * Derived a new requirement for manual localization.
 * Derived a new requirement for automated localization.
 * Reworded requirement about digital signatures to make explicit
references x509 certificates.
 * Cleaned up all sections so they are (hopefully) easier to read.
 * Created a Terms related to widgets section, and showed how
everything relates.
 * Cleaned up the standardizable aspects of a widget section.
 * Removed reduce fragmentation as a design goal in favor of "interoperability".
 * Added a whole bunch of todo's to design goals make them a bit more
 * Added Accessibility as a design goal.
 * Renamed a whole bunch of requirements.
 * Added new requirement for proxy and socks and TLS/SSL support
(thanks to feedback from researchers at SAP [2],[3])
 * etc... please see CVS logs.

Thanks to everyone who has sent us feedback over the last three
months. Please take the time to review the document and please keep
sending us feedback, particularly in light of the rise in client-side
session & persistent storage solutions and all the issues that are
starting to emerge from widgets in the mobile space.

Kind regards,


Marcos Caceres
Received on Friday, 6 July 2007 15:05:26 UTC

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