Re: long HTTP header field name in WD-access-control

On Mon, 2 Jul 2007, Dan Connolly wrote:

> Yves,
> We're discussing this "Enabling Read Access for Web Resources"
> spec in a TAG telcon, and I discovered...
> 2.1. Content-Access-Control header
> Now as I recall, modern HTTP header fields are moving
> from Transfer-Encoding: to TE: to save packets.
> Can you confirm?

There is another reason to use TE: avoiding mixing the connection-level 
TE/Transfer-Encoding "couple" with the Accept-[Encoding|..] / 

That said, if you manage to have a shorter version of a long header while 
keeping the name obvious, it will be faster to parse. In the WD cited 
above, I would drop the 'Content'.

On a side note, I'm wondering why the WD states that the policy described 
is only safe for GET and HEAD... no OPTIONS?

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