re: ACTION-2282 Review web app manifest - application information

I have reviewed the Web App Manifest - Application Information
<> and have the following comments:

   1. In label <>,
   this statement "For accessibility, authors are encouraged to provide a
   label for each screenshot." To help guide implementers, I would suggest
   adding a hint how this could be accomplished, "For example, most web
   applications could use the page title or main heading (h1) as the
   screenshot label."
   2. While the label acts as an accessible name, in this case a short
   description of the view, it might be helpful to include a (long)
   "description" supplementary member of type URI. This could be included for
   AT users to follow for a full description of the screenshot. While not
   needed in most cases, it would be especially helpful for specialized apps
   or apps targeting a disabled audience. In "app stores" this would appear as
   a visible link.

*Paul Grenier*

Received on Thursday, 18 February 2021 14:10:10 UTC