Re: [turingtest] Hilton Honors website example invalid

Thanks Again, John:

With the sole exception of our citation to Cloud Flare's work on
CAPTCHA, the FPWD we published is the 2019 final Note document.
Certainly we will need to clean up errant links that no longer work
before finalizing the document update, and I'd expect we will do so in a
working draft update sometime soon.

Meanwhile, this is worth a github issue, and any known current examples
that illustrate the honey pot approach would also be appreciated.



Rochford, John writes:
> Hello Editors,
> About the Inaccessibility of CAPTCHA doc<>, it appears the Hilton Honors honeypot example<> is invalid. There is now no "... prominent focusable field ... labeled: "This field is for robots only. Please leave blank."  I searched that page visually and also its code.
> John
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