Re: Machine Learning Workshop overview and talk update

I'll spend some time on this in the next couple hours, Josh. Also able
to chat should that seem necessary.



Joshue O Connor writes:
> Hi Janina, Jason and all,
> As per my action yesterday - I've added to the ML workshop document. [1]
> Looking at the workshop  outline  they are asking for people to give a talk,
> and submission deadline is tomorrow if we want to do submit a proposal. At
> this stage it would only need to be a paragraph, and we would have till the
> end of July to submit the recorded talk. The question is, what is the APA
> angle?
> This draft paper is really just me riffing on the subject and if there are
> other perspectives then we should try to capture those today. I do think the
> questions raised are useful, but some seem over taken by events, as there
> are already implementations of ML in image recognition and automated
> testing. I've also touched on the issue of bias, which is very important.
> Do we want to give a talk to ask the questions we outline on the wiki or
> talk about something else - if so what do we want to say and who should give
> it?
> I'm kinda looking at you or Jason for this *grin, but happy to discuss me
> doing it if I'm clearer on the angle. Tbh, I'm not totally sure at this
> point and have taken it as far as I can.
> I feel it needs a clearer focus, so I'm happy to hear from others.
> Josh
> [1]
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