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Hello Alice and all,

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> [...]
> Everything Léonie said!
Great, thanks for the feedback both. It's very useful.
> My main concern would be that the existing ARIA vocabulary/existing AT
> interaction patterns would be too limiting for UX designed for an immersive
> environment (orthogonal to the AOM API design), which Janina touches on
> below.
Right, and mine - so it would be great if we could get to an 
understanding of what a baseline semantic architecture for XR would look 
like, and then we can work out what are the annotations a la ARIA or 
something new - that does provide the vocabulary for the areas we have 
identified like Navigation, Object and Interaction semantics.
>> 2.) Do we need bi-directionality for good XR support? Semantics can be
>>> consumed by user agents but may be modified in an imersive environment
>>> and change as interactions are happening. Like React is data driven, XR
>>> semantics may be interaction or results driven.
>>> 3.) What would be the ideal architecture to support XR accessibility? We
>>> seem to be currently aiming at patching XR with current and even legacy
>>> AT, so that architecture may be temporary, or move away from browser and
>>> API interactions towards AT being embedded in an immersive environment.
>>> What does "good" look like in this situation?
> These are really interesting and important questions - I don't know enough
> about XR to start answering them.

This is really why meeting and discussing is going to be (a lot of fun) 
and very helpful.

>> 4) Are Object Oriented approaches to accessible XR preferable to
>>> declarative or author applied semantics?
>>> Please confirm whether 11:00 Thursday works.
> It's open for me, although if the topic is primarily going to be XR I'm
> unclear why this would be a separate session from the proposed plenary
> session <>
> on Wednesday.

Well that is a rather general session/conversation around how to provide 
better engagement on XR with the current a11y community, as well as let 
people know of the work we are all doing in this space. For example 
Léonie and Doms upcoming workshop, and our current XAUR drafts as well 
as how people can engage with this work who may not be monitoring it so 
closely. So I think this will be more general whereas the AOM topic is 
quite specific and your expertise is needed.

Thanks, and I look forward to working with you.


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