WebXR Device API

Dear APA Working Group,

The Immersive Web Working Group would like your review of our WebXR API
from an accessibility perspective as the scope of the API is now


The WebXR API enables browser interactions with virtual and augmented
reality devices (headsets, mobile phones, etc). Most of the API surface
focuses on establishing and updating a rendering context in which 3D and 2D
content can get rendered using existing Web technologies (WebGL, canvas,
video elements, Web Audio API, etc). In addition, it provides integration
with XR controllers based on an extension of the existing Gamepad API.

The formal specification is completed with an up-to-date explainer that
illustrates how this API is expected to be used by developers:


While virtual and augmented reality experiences typically make use of
visual and auditory signals, from a WebXR API perspective, these are
generated by other existing technologies. As a result, the sections of the
APA Working Group might benefit most from reviewing would probably be:


   The XR session mode set up (section 3 and 4 of the spec), which
   describes ways an XR device can be manifested to a Web application, to make
   sure it covers ways an XR device with assistive technologies support would
   be presented

   The integration with input controllers (section 10), which describes how
   the various types of input systems available in XR devices get represented
   to Web applications, to make sure it enables the proper fallback scenarios
   in an accessibility context

We naturally welcome feedback on any other section of the specification you
would think relevant to your review. Let us know if it would be useful to
organize a call to answer questions that may arise as you review the

Thank you,

Ada Rose Cannon & Chris Wilson, co-chairs of the Immersive Web Working

Received on Wednesday, 3 July 2019 22:38:50 UTC