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Minutes of our attempted telecon on 30 November

From: Janina Sajka <janina@rednote.net>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2016 12:16:42 -0500
To: W3C WAI Accessible Platform Architectures <public-apa@w3.org>
Message-ID: <20161130171642.GB3019@opera.rednote.net>

Below is the log of our aborted attempt to hold our regularly scheduled
teleconference today, Wednesday 30 November. This is now archived to our
mailing list and available at:



                                                                                   - DRAFT -

                                                        Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

30 Nov 2016

   See also: IRC log






     * Topics
     * Summary of Action Items
     * Summary of Resolutions

   Oops. Still getting System Error 1001 from Webex

   Hi, Ted. Webex appears down.

   <TedDrake> mine is also spinning

   I had a call 3 hours ago, and it was broken then, too

   <TedDrake> my browser was waiting for me to confirm the plugin.

   <TedDrake> I'm in now

   Interesting. I'll try again ...

   <TedDrake> but it's not trying to call me.

   <TedDrake> I may need to call in separately

   Well, I'm getting a different error now. It doesn't like our meeting code.

   Hey, Leonie. I believe Webex is going to kill us today. I've unable to Webex since 9AM U.S. Eastern

   <MichaelC> WebEx has known problems today

   <MichaelC> I was hoping it might be fixed by this call

   <MichaelC> but seems not

   <tink> Thanks Janina. I'll dial in the old-fashioned way.

   <MichaelC> worse than before, even web users canÂŽt join audio now

   Leonie, that's not working either

   <MichaelC> old-fashioned dialing probably wonÂŽt work either

   <tink> Oh.

   <MichielBijl> Skype?

   No Skype here

   <MichaelC> We could try https://meet.jit.si/AccessiblePlatformArchitectures

   <Gottfried> Webex has no audio option today for me

   <MichaelC> but I donÂŽt know how it works or if itÂŽs accessible

   I have no browser access. Webex is known broken on 64bit Linux

   <TedDrake> It says it is VOIP only for this meeting

   <TedDrake> I am not prepared to use VOIP right now, I don't have headphones and mic.

   It's at least giving me better error at the moment. It's not recognizing our usual code: 647 857 439

   <MichaelC> I canÂŽt get anything interesting to happen in meet.jit.si thingy, a couple people have joined but I canÂŽt hear anybody

   <MichaelC> WebEx is officially down; Skype not an option; I donÂŽt have other ideas

   I think there are still issues with the bridge

   <Gottfried> I have joine on jitsi.org

   <MichaelC> anybody who has a corporate conference bridge?

   <MichielBijl> We can hear you MichaelC

   <Gottfried> Michael, we can hear you

   <tink> So back to WebEx?

   Still not taking the code

   <MichaelC> nope, webex won work

   Rich, Webex has been broken all day

   <tink> Ok. I'm into Jitsi.

   <Gottfried> Michael, we hear you

   <MichaelC> I canÂŽt get any audio out

   <MichaelC> and canÂŽt find a setting to tell it what device to use

   Rich, that doesn't work either

   <MichaelC> unless somebody has a conference bridge they can set up, weÂŽll have to scupper the call

   I have a bridge, but it's sip, and I don't believe everyone can do sip

   <tink> Looking into whether the TPG conf bridge might be possible...

   <MichaelC> we know the MIT people are working on it, but no ETA on getting it fixed

   Seems we should give up for today

   <Rich> agree

   Very sorry, and hope they fix it soon!

   <TedDrake> Hi All, I'm being pulled away. I'll catch up next week and hopefullly we won't have the tech problems.

   <MichaelC> I have already raised in various fora the costs this has for us

   <tink> Sorry, no word on the TPG bridge.

   Thanks for trying, everyone!

   <MichaelC> I suggest we generate minutes so itÂŽs on the record that our call was scuppered by this horrible technology

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

   [End of minutes]


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