Notes from APA Web Payments Telecon; Monday 23 May

Present: Janina, Shane, Leonie

We met briefly on our open actions and next steps. 

> agenda+	Action-2024 COGA Issues
We will forward this document to the Web Payments membership working on
user facing interfaces when COGA publishes. We found nothing that would
suggest changes to the proposed payments APIs/architecture.

This action is now closed.

> agenda+	Action-2025 Mobile Issues

Janina proposed general observations not specific to payments, in
particular a request to add some language about keeping the main thing
the main thing when displaying content. The observation is that it's
important to minimize the chances of tangents and distractions in
content when used in a mobile situation--i.e. paying for one's purchases
in a checkout line. Janina will forward these comments.

This action is now closed.

> agenda+	API & Payments Architecture Review [See Below]

For our next call in two weeks we will review the three documents where
APA's feedback was expressly requested:

> Resource: Documents to Review
> 1.)	Payment Request API
> 	This specification describes a web API to allow merchants (i.e.,
> 	web sites selling physical or digital goods) to easily accept
> 	payments from different payment methods with minimal
> 	integration.  User agents (e.g. browsers) will facilitate the
> 	payment flow between merchant and user.
> 2.)	Payment Method Identifiers
> 	This document defines payment method identifier strings so that
> 	components in the payment ecosystem can determine which parties
> 	support which payment methods.
> 3.)	Basic Card Payment
> This specification
> 	describes the data formats used by the Payment Request API to
> 	support payment by payment cards such as credit or debit cards.
> agenda+ next and future meetings

We will meet next on Monday 6 June to take up any comments on the above.

Keeping to an every other week schedule from this date will avoid
clashes with the upcoming U.S. Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day



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The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
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