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I seems I sent this to the wrong list...

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Hi Folks

COGA will be asking APA to publish first working drafts for:

Gap analysis and road map 
Proposed semantics
Issue papers to include the following sections: Personalization and Preferences
Security and Privacy Technologies
Multi-modal Content Delivery
Voice Menu Systems
Online Payments

Online Safety
Symbols for Non-Verbal
Numbers and Math

There is some editorial work from Michael's perspective for the issue papers as they need to be sections in a single document . We have labeled the abstract as "boilerplate" as he might replace them.

FYI  we are currently building the road-map tables of user needs  for the next version of the road-map.  They are a work in progress but you can see how we are doing at  road-map tables of user needs

All the best
Lisa Seeman
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