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[web-annotation] Added a section on mixing RDFa and turtle

[web-annotation] Changed the RDFa example

[web-annotation] Discuss re-introducing Named Graph resources

[web-annotation] Embedding annotations in the target document

[web-annotation] fix minor HTML errors

[web-annotation] Fixed some typos in Example 29 and 30.

[web-annotation] HTML Serialization Use Cases

[web-annotation] minor errors in JSON-LD examples

[web-annotation] Preparation for final rec

[web-annotation] Selector Fragment URI Usage in HTML Serialization Note

[web-annotation] Track alignment between motivations and other ontologies

[web-annotation] Typo "dictate situatins" => "dictate situations"

Agenda - Web Anno Telco for 3 February

Closed: [web-annotation] Citing images in HTML

Closed: [web-annotation] Embedding annotations in the target document

Closed: [web-annotation] HTML Serialization Use Cases

Just for the fun of it... one ebook containing all our documents

Meeting minutes, 2017-02-03, including resolutions to publish notes

Meeting Minutes, 2017-02-10

No WG telco Friday - Web Annotation WG meetings are done

Recommendations and Notes published

Transition Request: publication of two WG Notes by the Annotation Working Group

Video annotation experiment

W3C Blog Entry about publication of Web Annotation Recommendations

Web Anno Telco Agenda for 10 Feb

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